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What is The Beans Group

The Beans Group is the multiple award-winning proud parent of Student Beans and Voxburner; brands that focus on making life that little bit more awesome. Through our web, mobile and social platforms, we deliver viral and entertaining content to our audience across the 16-24 demographic, as well as research, editorial and events for the marketing professionals who work with them. For a relatively small business, we make lots of noise, shaping youth marketing strategies well beyond our walls. There’s also incredible growth in the pipeline, as we go global, expand and refine our product offering and more-than-triple our headcount.

Our diverse products, flat structure, and fast-paced, results-focussed environment offers unparalleled opportunity for anyone looking for a challenge and rather a lot of fun in the next step in their career.


10 Reasons You Should Come And Work With Us!

1) Startup culture with a stable foundation: we’re completely self-funded with no exit strategy so there are no outside investors pushing for directions we don’t want to go. We’re driven only by our own insatiable ambition to be the best and profits are reinvested back in to the business to enable us to keep pushing the envelope further through our products and awesomely talented people.

2) Personal Development and Career Progression: we invest in our people from day 1, so you’ll get to join in with awesome events and training sessions aimed at building our capabilities and bringing together the team. This past year, highlights have included getting David Allen in to tell us how to Get Things Done, swinging through the trees at Go Ape to facilitate some work on our values, and the launch an in-house training programme to develop our current and future leaders!

3) We value outcomes, not hours spent working: though you’ll generally find most of us based in our lovely Kentish Town offices because we just *love* each other’s company, we don’t care if you work 9-5.30 or 9-9 as long as you’re producing results that WOW each and every day… We hold each other to account and appreciate the value of razor sharp focus. That hard work is then translated into both the ways we reward team members and recognise them on a regular but always fun basis!

4) You’ll join an awesome team: our leadership team reflects the diversity of the rest of the business in that we have some home-grown talent running the show who’ve been with us since early in their careers, as well as more recent additions from big names like the BBC and Deloitte as well as internationally experienced executives and transplants from the public sector to help us scale and grow!

5) Our products are multiple award-winning and seriously creative: from the world’s first - and best - online Freshers fair, Freshersfields, to our youth marketing conferences and student verification and location-based app, we think big and keep iterating and innovating... Oh, and we also won Digital Business of the Year at the National Business Awards 2013!

6) We pride ourselves on values-driven, innovative business: we are constantly refreshing and driving forward an agenda based on our values. As a team and company, we are committed to delivering results that WOW, creating fun, celebrating mistakes, showing we care and putting the cherry on the cake in everything we do! The values permeate the language we use and are positioned to facilitate everything from our choices for our products and hiring new staff to how we train, develop and reward our staff. These values also underpin a strong mission and vision for where we’re going.

7) A culture of openness and honesty both top-down and bottom-up: we encourage all staff to speak up and challenge on all areas of the business, utilising frameworks for feedback from informal training through to surveys and weekly touchpoints with managers. Twice a year we conduct peer-to-peer feedback over and above the usual manager-employee conversations, and our MD publically shares all of this feedback - both positive and constructive.

8) Obsessed by tech and how it can make our lives simpler: we encourage flexibility of systems to ensure all our people have the best tools for their jobs, whether it be trialling the apps of new players or existing heavyweights, we love playing with bleeding-edge tech to make the best use of our people’s time.

9) We’re all entrepreneurs who make intrapreneurialism an art form: like many entrepreneurs, we’re an incredibly creative bunch, with new ideas for products coming out of our ears! We take the best ones and try out MVP’s in house, but focus most of our buckets of energy on innovating on what we’ve already got! Our co-founder James also gets out and about a lot, translating his experiences into teaching, lecturing and campaigning for a entrepreneurial skills and youth employment.

10) There’s huge growth on the horizon... and we’re just getting started! International expansion, technology innovation, expansion of the team by more than 150%... These are all on the cards. As one of our people put it - you can be a big fish in a growing pond from day 1!